YFYİ (Winners of New Ideas New Businesses) Final, which was held in December 9 2013, was organized with participation of a very wide community composed of university students, academicians, businessmen, professionals, public officers and investors.


2013 Awards of New Ideas New Works, which support realization of technology based projects of young entrepreneurs found their owners with the ceremony held in METU Culture and Congress Centre.


The ceremony, in which 11 projects entitled to advance to the finals as a result of precise eliminations made among 1071 business ideas from young entrepreneurs, witnessed a great deal of attention from participators.


Jury determined the owners of the awards following the presentations made by entrepreneurs.


Grand Awards

Prz Biyoteknoloji Team received the Elginkan Foundation Grand Award valued at 100.000 TL.  Project is the production of a cancer diagnosis kit operating with utilization of a 9 antibody panel.


Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry Grand Award (100.000 TL) was received byLazersan Elektronik team with their projects enabling production of the system, which is called Free Space Optics technology, and provides wireless data communication with high speed and wide band.  


Turkcell Grand Award valued again at 100.000 TL was received the Biyomekanik team that developed a system, which enables CT and ultrasonography data belonging to patients to be loaded in the system and doctors to perform hemodynamical analysis about their patients (cardiac patients in particular) thanks to their simple interface.   


Other Awards

Of 25.000 TL special awards; Orion team received OSTİM Special Award with their projects targeting the installation of damping systems enabling real time shock and vibration control, Easy Guitar team received Denizbank Special Award with guitar project supported by led screen, lcd screen and sensors, which will enable users to learn guitar easily, Fonksiyonel Yüzeyler team received Aselsan Special Award with production of coating, which does not hold liquid on surface, holds liquid on itself and cleans itself, and Deeblad team received Çalık YEDAŞ Special Award with their projects, which enable speech handicapped people to communicate through voice speech within the society by speaking in sign language through a glove they wear in their hands.


Of 10.000 TL second prize; Orion team received Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry Second Prize and Lazersan Elektronik team received Turkcell Second Prize. Along with these awards, Z5 Team, which OSTİM wanted to award separately, became entitled to receive 10.000 TL OSTİM Jury's Special Award with their projects enabling measurement of blood sugar without taking blood sample from skin surface.


Entrepreneurs, who received grand awards, will be able to have office space free of charge for 2 years within METU Teknokent and benefit from continuous mentor support during this period.