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Our Foundationbecame the main supporter for the first time in 2013 for  Starred Projects competition , which has been organized for four years by Yıldız Technical University IEEE Student Club, and organized by it for the fifth time this year together with Technology Transfer Office614 project teams from  85 different universities have applied for the project until today. 127 project applications from 47 different universities were made for Starred Projects competition in 2013.

Projects were evaluated with the cooperation of the Board of Industry and Science in the Finals Day, which was organized in , June 11 2013 in YTÜ Davutpaşa Campus Faculty of Electrics and Electronics Conference Hall.

'Graphene Nano Material Added High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Project' owned by Ceyhun Afşin Derinboğaz was entitled to receive the First Prize (20.000 TL).
Project summary: Graphene Nano Material Added High Performance Lithium Ion Battery keeps the resistance to current at minimum level during both charging and discharging due to the fact that they have much less inner resistance compared to conventional Lithium batteries and Graphene is the material having the best electrical conductivity at room temperature. Thus, it eliminates the danger of explosion of battery due to heating and reduces normal charging time 10-20 times.

'Muscle Activation Based Control of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot' Project owned by Hakan Coşkun was entitled to receive the Second Prize (15.000).  Project summary: Examination of status of muscular contraction occurring even without movement in exercises performed by robots that are used for physical treatment and rehabilitation. Smart controller, which can decide by evaluating such muscle activations and is supported by two conventional control technique such as impedance control and PID control, is aimed.  With this system generated, it is decided by checking muscle activation level that patient cannot move his limb, and patient's limb is moved until the joint range of motion limit.

Motor Driver Design and Application for High Performance Servo Motor Applications Projectowned by Aybüke Gözütok and Ecem Fırat  was entitled to receive the Third Prize (10.000 TL). Project summary: Being able to produce by using domestic resources this circuit, which is generated by performing driver design and is designed by Proteus PC interface for continuous magnetic synchronous motor used in high performance servo applications; realization of a servo driver that will operate within acceptable error limits and keeping costs at minimum while doing it.

Projects that were entitled to receive Mansion Award (1000 TL for each) were the following:  

“Sending of Site of Accident to Mobile Phones by Using GSM Module in case of Emergency” by Gülşah Maden,
 “ Kinect Supported Turkish Sign Language Training System”by Efekan Egeli and Mert Safa Karakoç,
- “Tarlam Cebimde & Mahsulüm Güvende & Rahatım Yerinde” by Hüsnü Barkın, Kadriye Budak, Mahsun Geçkel ve Serbest Tayşi 
- “Relationship of Sun Radiation with Luminosity Level of Indoors” by Halit Algül, Berker Semerci and Salih Babalık
- “Sock Eliminating Foot Odour and Preventing Bacterial and Fungal Infections” by Adalet Kıratlı
- “Smart Agricultural Irrigation System Project” by Cihan Ayhancı
-“A new Design Deploying Spindle Mechanism out of Mobile Bench Structure Through a Flexible Power Transmission Method in CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Vertical Processing Benches” by Gamze Songül, Mehmet Ali Göytepe, Canberk Sözer and Furkan Tunçel



Representatives of the Evaluation Board were composed of:

General Manager of the Elginkan Foundation İlhan Üttü,

Etiya Technology Manager Serdar Dağdelen,

Machine Introduction Group Member of the Board of Management Hasan Büyükdede,

Viko Elektronik R&D Manager Oktay Nak,

Murat Makine Deputy General Manager Can Yurtseven,

Turkcell R&D Senior Engineer Tarık Kıranda,

Microsoft Software Development Technologies Deputy General Manager Burak Bayburtlu,

Aselsan Project Manager and Design Leader Serhat Özdemir,

Science Board representatives were composed of:

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Şenol,

Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kaya,

Associate Professor Dr. Zehra Yumurtacı,

Associate Professor Dr. Nur Bekiroğlu,

Assistant Professor Dr. Umut Engin Ayten,

Assistant Professor Dr. Utku Büyükşahin and

Dr. Engin Ayçiçek.