Turkish Music Days


Regarding music, which is one of the most fundamental elements of culture, our Foundation organized 'Elginkan Foundation Turkish Music Days' in October 21-22 2011 within the scope of the purpose 'protecting, keeping alive and promoting our cultural values'.

Chairman of the Elginkan Foundation A. Yücel Unan, who took the floor in opening speeches, said: 'our music, which continued in the Ottoman era through 'practice from generation to generation', met with the richness brought by polyphony, with the Republic and knew 'to be renewed protecting its essence' at the hands of our valuable masters.  Particularly those in our ages closely witnessed the disappearing of the discrimination of 'Turkish style - European style', which once separated from each other with exact borders and regarded as two opposite poles.  Our Turkish classical music managed to bring the past and today together and become 'sustainable'.

Being an organization, which has incorporated together with all its employees the concept of 'Eternal Organization', will always stand by those who give their efforts for eternal existence of our Turkish classical music.  We want you to know that we approach Elginkan Foundation Turkish Music Days with such opinions and feelings.  .

A recital, six conferences and three concerts took place in the organization, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized under the host of Bahçeşehir University.

'Elginkan Foundation Turkish Music Days' started  with the speech of  Dr. Mutlu Torun entitled as 'Place of Saz Music in Turkish Music'.  Tanbûri (Turkish Tambur player) Necdet Yaşar, who took the floor afterwards, shared his valuable knowledge about 'Importance of Tanbûri Cemil Bey for our Music'.  Following the tambur recital named 'Present to Tanbûri Cemil Bey' of Dr. Murat Sâlim Tokaç, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Choir and Chorus Coordinator, first day of the organization was completed with the concert of 'İstanbul Saz Players', art director of which was Göksel Baktagir and which turned into a unique party. Second day of 'Elginkan Foundation Turkish Music Days'  started with the presentation of Assistant Professor  Doctor Cenk Güray with the theme 'Relationship Between Belief and Music in Anatolia'.  Following the presentation, in which the deep bond between sufism and Turkish music',  activities continued with the Folk Music concert, art director of which was Dr. Erdem Şimşek.  With his speech he named '“Yâd-ı Hayâl-i Yâr İle”, Hayâti İnanç made a presentation revealed the deep bond between 'Music and Literature'.  Subject of the speech  of Prof. Dr.  Saadettin Ökten, who took the floor following the speech of  Dr. Savaş S. Barkçin on the subject 'Meaning of Classical Turkish Music', was 'Relationship of the Classical Turkish Music with the Interpretation of the Ottoman Civilization'.  Organization ended with the concert given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism İstanbul State Turkish Music Research and Application Community. Elginkan Foundation Manager İlhan Üttü, who took the floor in closing speech, said: 'We have successfully materialized various projects in accordance with purposes of our Foundation. As the Elginkan Foundation, we will continue 'Elginkan Foundation Turkish Music Days' activity in future years again in line with these purposes.  Thus, we once more show our respect and support to our music and culture as a foundation'.