We act with the responsibility of protecting the natural resources. Because sustainability of life is in fact sustainability of natural resources.  By minimizing consumption of non-renewable natural resource starting from production stage, E.C.A. designs products that encourage energy and raw material saving for final consumers with the awareness of environment and future.

Within this responsibility, we design our products in minimum sizes in order save raw material and our armatures provide you privileges that will facilitate your life while providing water and heat saving and not harming the environment. Thus, you can provide an annual water saving of 100 tons in average in your kitchen and bath batteries with water saving up to 70%.

With the innovation we have made in your packaging, your packaging is produced by using less paint and more recycled material. Thus, 4.500 tree in average continue releasing oxygen annually in your ecosystem. In addition to that, our packaging are designed in minimum sizes, therefore we support environmentally sensitive transportation with less CO2 release since products are carried in minimum volume. 

Our R&D team has adopted water saving as a standard application in products it has been developing for the last ten years, and shaped its designs and technologies it has developed in this direction. Because we know that today, 20% of 6 billion people lack safe water resources.  It is estimated that 7 billion people will have water shortage by 2050 due to climate changes and population increase, and every 2 people out of 3 will face drought. With this awareness, we develop water friendly products and technologies.  

We can list our flow rate limiter aerators,

Special cartridges separating water amount and water temperature adjustment from each other,

Photocell batteries, which prevent unnecessary water use and offer les flow rates compared to other water saving batteries,

Thermostatic batteries preventing unnecessary water and energy wasting for water temperature adjustment

Mixed batteries providing water saving up to 55% compared to a standard sink battery


among environmental friendly products and technologies.


As E.C.A., we work every day with unique designs, developed functions, and solutions providing water and energy saving complying with the purpose of sustainability in order to live next generations a more liveable world, and include also you in being a part of sustainable life.