Quality Management System Policy

As Elsel Gaz Armatürleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş., our Quality Policy is to:

1. Carry out our activities in line with all legal conditions and legislations, customer demands, all national and international standards concerning natural gas meter production and all other conditions concerned, and with sense of social responsibility.

2. Comply with quality management system conditions, constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system and review its compatibility in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

3. Become a company capable of international competition by staying friends with the environment, utilizing resources in optimum way, following developing technologies and increasing productivity.   

4. Make sure through trainings provided and implementations made that all employees understand the quality management system.

5 Give value to each shareholder and employee. Offer reliable products through their participation, cooperation and coordination and by taking continuity as basis.  

6. Carry out our activities with good professional and technical application by always adopting independence, neutrality and confidentiality as principle in tests and experiments conducted, meeting national and international standards specified within the scope of legal conditions , and under conditions agreed mutually with customers.

7. Provide constant improvement in all our processes, offering correct products and services, increase customer satisfaction and keep it at maximum level by working customer-oriented with the participation of our competent personnel and shareholders, whose expertise is ensured through our technological possibilities, experience, knowledge and trainings they have received, and are open to change and innovation.

Şafak Duran

Company Manager